About us...

The Connecticut Reading Association, Inc. is a professional literacy organization. Membership is open to all educators, classroom teachers, reading specialists, administrators, paraprofessionals, college/university professors and students, and anyone interested in promoting literacy.

We are the state affiliate of the International Literacy Association and sponsor leadership and workshop activities designed to support literacy instruction in schools, public and private, throughout Connecticut.

The mission of the Connecticut Reading Association, Inc. is to empower educators, inspire students, and encourage our community to embrace literacy as an essential tool for lifelong success.

The Connecticut Reading Association, Inc. is pleased to offer:

  • Literacy Awards and Grants: We are pleased to honor our finest administrators and educators through our three CRA Inc. Awards. Consider nominating “An Unsung Hero” this year. Our Teaching Grants are available to provide funding for various literacy projects.
  • CRA Inc. Annual State Conference: We provide professional development opportunities that highlight regional and nationally recognized speakers, authors, and illustrators. We host vendor exhibits and offer incentives to our valued members.
  • Sponsorship of Connecticut Loves to Read Day in various locations throughout the state.
  • Liaison to Connecticut State Department.
  • Support to parents and families through literacy projects and programs.

Executive Board

President: Jennifer Slifer | jslifer@ctreading.org
Past President: Cathy Grimes | cgrimes@ctreading.org
Vice President: Kristen Stevenskstevens@ctreading.org
Treasurer: Cathy Mastrianna | cmastrianna@ctreading.org
Secretary: Sandra Potts | spotts@ctreading.org
Membership: Susan Meaney | smeaney@ctreading.org

The Connecticut Reading Association, Inc. stands in alignment with the International Literacy Association to denounce all unconscionable acts of racially motivated violence and we are speaking out against systemic racism.

As part of our mission, the CRA, Inc. will work to empower educators, inspire students, and encourage our communities to embrace literacy as an essential tool to fight against racism and to aid in developing anti-racist individuals. We are dedicated to the pursuance of equity within classrooms and within the community.

We believe that literacy has the power to heal and transform. Author Ibram X. Kendi wrote, “By not running from the books that pain us, we can allow them to transform us. I ran from antiracist books most of my life. But now I can’t stop running after them — scrutinizing myself and my society, and in the process changing both.”

We, as an organization, commit ourselves to creating professional development opportunities that will help transform both ourselves and our communities. We recognize that it is the responsibility of the CRA, Inc. to work toward a just society, and to share our resources and information to help with this necessary and meaningful work.