The Connecticut Reading Association Journal made its debut in December of 2012 and is currently in hiatus.
This members-only journal is in keeping with our mission to 1) promote literacy for all by improving the quality of reading instruction through the study of current reading research methods and practices, and 2) serve as a clearinghouse in disseminating reading information. The Connecticut Reading Association does this through conferences, newsletters and speakers, and now through the publication of the Connecticut Reading Association Journal.

This peer-reviewed online journal is be published biannually in fall and winter. . Peer-reviewed articles will be blinded and reviewed by two referees on our Editorial Review Board. The editor will select articles in consideration of reviewer recommendations and in keeping with the vision and themes for particular issues.

We accept manuscripts focusing on a variety of literacy-related topics, across grade levels and formats with occasional featured themed issues. We welcome varying perspectives on an issue. We are looking for well-written, research-based pieces that are of interest to teachers K-12, and to professionals in a variety of literacy-related fields. For example, we welcome relevant articles that center on literacy-related topics on teaching and learning of English Language Learners and/or students in Special Education. We also welcome germane articles written by librarians and/or media specialists, and by children’s literature authors and illustrators.

Acceptable formats may include well-argued essays, interviews, reader-friendly research reports, pedagogical articles based on research and professional literature and standards.

In additional to feature articles, we publish invited and peer-reviewed articles that fall within the domain of our department sections: Children’s Literature, Critical Literacies, New Literacies, and Teacher Research. Department editors will write articles of interest connected to their areas of emphasis and will invite or solicit peer-reviewed articles on a given subject.

 Please note that we are in the midst of updating this section and the Journal is currently in hiatus.
Archived issues of the CRAJ as well as the Resources will be returning shortly.
Thank you for your patience.