Connecticut Reading Association

Purchase Orders/Payments

If you are registering with a purchase order (P.O.), please note the following:

  • If you are paying with a purchase order, you must first obtain permission from the school district to register.
  • If the school district does not issue a purchase order to you, you will be responsible for the conference fees.
  • You must include the P.O. number, school name, district, district contact name, phone number, and mailing address for billing.
    P.O.s will not be accepted if you omit any of this required information. You will be able to upload your P.O. during your registration. 
  • If the P.O. is issued for the early bird rate, you must complete your registration by 11:59pm, October 6, 2019 to receive this rate. Otherwise, your school/district will be charged the full registration price.
  • If your school/district is not covering your CRA membership fee, you are responsible for your CRA membership fee and must become a member first at before you register for the Conference.
  • If your P.O. is not available to you when you register, please either: 
    • Have your district send your P.O. to the following address so that we can send an invoice OR 
    • Send a check payable to Connecticut Reading Association with your P.O. number in the Memo section and mailed to:
      Connecticut Reading Association
      c/o Catherine Mastrianna
      109 Far Horizon Drive
      Cheshire, CT 06410
    • You may also email your P.O. to Catherine Mastrianna at
    • If you are registering as a Walk-In on the day/s of the conference: You MUST have your P.O. including all of the P.O. information listed in the third bullet above.


If your district will not cover Author Luncheons on your P.O. and you would like to purchase a ticket separately, please contact Jane Logie, Author’s Luncheon Chair:
NOTE: Please do not email your purchase orders to Jane Logie! P.O.s should be emailed to Catherine Mastrianna only!